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What Makes Acupuncture Atelier Unique

Acupuncture Atelier is a boutique acupuncture practice. Our practice provides each patient with a uniquely bespoke treatment and undivided attention during each and every session. No patient is exactly alike, our priority is to create care specifically for you.

“I see Sara as not just an acupuncturist but a master of her craft where this stuff is truly innate to her being”

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Yes, We Accept Insurance!

Acupuncture Atelier is an out-of-network insurance provider. Not sure if your insurance covers acupuncture? No problem, we will verify your benefits for you!

Verify Benefits

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Preparing for Your Intake

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, due to demand, we do not offer in-office consultations. However, we are happy to discuss questions and concerns over the phone prior to booking an appointment with us.

Yes! We are an out-of-network insurance provider. Please let us know if you’d like for us to verify your benefits prior to your scheduled appointment. Verifications will not be done on the same day of treatment.

Initial appointments are 45 minutes. Follow up appointments are 40-45 minutes. Other Acupuncture practices may offer longer appointments as a way to justify higher fees, often leaving the room during treatment to provide treatment to other patients that are scheduled as often as every 15 minutes. The Atelier approach is patient centric, we do not overlap appointments, ensuring our full attention is always on you. Self care doesn’t need to monopolize your time!

Acupuncture is not painful. The thin and teeny tiny sterile needles are hair thin. Acupuncture should feel dull, heavy, tingly, achy, or even itchy. Most patients report not feeling any of the needles but, instead report a sense of relaxation during and after treatment.

Energy and time are given to prepare for each and every patient. Therefore, we kindly ask that patients provide at least 24 hours notice if they are unable to attend their scheduled appointment. If provided with less notice, patients will be responsible for a $45.00 cancellation fee.

For optimal treatment you should plan to bring loose fitting clothing.

Everyone and every treatment is different. We can never say for certain how many treatments it will take to receive results. However, we like for patients to receive at least some relief during the first session. Once we have a better idea of how your body heals, we will be able to estimate how many sessions may be on your treatment path. Our goal is not to keep you coming back, but to get you back to feeling your best as quickly as possible!

Yes! Acupuncture Atelier specializes in fertility and women’s health. We have experience helping women to conceive naturally, as well as with western intervention. If you have questions about your specific case please reach out to us directly. We understand the process of conception can be complicated, we are here to assist your mind, body, and Spirit through the journey.

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The Atelier Team


Sara Khosrowjerdi MS L.Ac.

Sara KhosrowjerdiSara Khosrowjerdi MS L.Ac. is the Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Acupuncture Atelier where our mission is to provide accessible and intimidation free Acupuncture to everyone. Sara received her Master’s of Acupuncture with honors at Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City. Her undergrad was completed at Western New England University where she received a Bachelors Degree of Science and Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. At Tri-State College of Acupuncture Sara studied three different styles of acupuncture, including TCM, Acupuncture Physical Medicine (or Trigger Point Therapy), as well as the unique treatment style of Kiiko Matsumoto.

At Acupuncture Atelier, Sara incorporates all three styles of acupuncture, with a common sense approach that targets the root cause rather than simply masking the symptom. Her priority is to understand exactly what the mind, body and Spirit needs in order to obtain optimal results. All of her treatments offer one-on-one undivided care and attention.


Samia Saleh MS L.Ac.

Samia holds a Master’s of Science in Acupuncture and is a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist. In 2015, she graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Biology. Soon thereafter, she discovered her love for acupuncture. She attended the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine in New Jersey where she first began interning and treating patients. After witnessing the power of acupuncture in the clinical setting, Samia knew that she would become a life long student to this powerful medicine. Over the next three years, Samia studied several different styles of acupuncture and modalities of eastern medicine. She has developed a unique treatment style where she tailors her treatments towards each individual. She considers her intuition and empathy as the strongest tools of her practice which she uses as a guide for all things. Samia strongly believes that healing should and can be accessible to all people through knowledge of oneself and that she is simply a guide.