If you have visited my acupuncture practice in uptown Hoboken, then chances are you have experienced Reiki. When I tell my patients that all my acupuncture sessions include the use of Reiki healing, I almost always get a blank stare. I think half of them are concerned that I am about to cast a spell on them, and the other half, are looking around my office for a broomstick! No, Reiki is not a spell, and no I am not going to fly away on a broomstick. So, don’t worry my little pretties, you are all perfectly safe!

So what is Reiki? The way I like to think of Reiki healing is the comfort of human touch. For instance, when a child falls and scrapes their skin, what does mommy do? Mommy rubs, kisses it, and makes it all better. When you have a fever; you feel your forehead. When you have a stomach ache; your hold or rub your abdomen. When comforting a loved one; you touch their shoulders, hold their hand, or give hugs and kisses. The power of the human touch passes along warmth and care to nourish another. Reiki can be thought of simply as the act of laying hands on another being, to comfort and heal.

The living body is full of warmth and energy, otherwise known as Qi (in Traditional Chinese Medicine, pronounced Chee). Qi is in everything and everyone, it is the energy of life force itself. A Reiki healer is profoundly in tune with this energy, and can even feel the Qi within the body, manifesting as subtle movement and vibrations. A Reiki healer will lay their hands on the patient, and move over each chakra feeling for areas of excessive or deficient energy. Using themselves as a channel (think conduit) between the universe and the patient, the Reiki healer will access energy provided by the universe, in order to bring healing and comfort to the patient through touch. Patients may feel/experience warmth, calmness, or even nothing at all.

I understand that this concept might seem a bit hoaky to some, but the simple justification is that energy is all around us, Reiki healers are simply using it to their advantage by acting as a conduit for their patients benefit. In my personal experience, I have found Reiki healing to be extremely therapeutic for all patients, even if they are unaware of the subtleties of their healing. Many of my patients even experience emotional breakthroughs through the use of Reiki, whether on their own, or my pointing out a specific chakra imbalance. It’s a beautiful and quite simple healing modality. I like to compare it’s beauty to the loving and nurturing touch of a mother used to her ease and calm her crying child. Never under-estimate the healing powers of a compassionate touch to another, sometimes our touch speaks louder than words.

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