The Pericardium is the sheath located around the Heart. In Chinese Medicine, the Pericardium is known as the Heart Protector and its primary function is to control boundaries. Perhaps it is due to the time of year (following the chaotic holiday season) but as of late, I often find myself treating the Pericardium energy.  

Why is it so challenging to maintain healthy personal boundaries for ourselves during our day to day lives? Doing tasks we don’t want to do, going to events we don’t care to be at, or hanging out with friends who have become toxic for our wellbeing. We are all guilty of it. When it comes to being respectful to our own mind, body and spirit, we break boundaries daily. The Pericardium is treated because its role is to protect the Hearts energy. The Heart being where our Spirit (Soul) resides. Like many gatekeepers, nothing toxic gets through to the Spirit as long as the Pericardium is maintaining the boundary. Unfortunately, many of us do not honor our own personal boundaries and from time to time the Pericardium starts getting abused.

While observing my 13 month old, it is clear that she (like many toddlers) knows exactly how to practice good boundaries. She knows what is worthy of having a conversation with her Spirit and what is not. Without any hesitation she makes it clear what she believes to be toxic to her wellbeing. As we grow and get older we stop this practice. We develop “manners” and take on responsibilities. Yes, we all have responsibilities in order to survive and make a living, but why do we abuse ourselves in the process? It’s important to search for a middle ground. Why do our day to day lives have to compromise protecting ourselves or not loving ourselves enough to say this does not suit me? We learn early to treat others as we would want to be treated. I’m fairly certain many of us would not willing abuse a strangers boundaries. It’s important to remember to treat ourselves the way we would treat others as well. Honoring personal boundaries makes for a healthy body, mind and Spirit. Remembering we must take care of ourselves first in order to take care of another. Just as we must love ourselves before we can love another.

To me it is no accident that a potent acupuncture Pericardium point is located at the center of the palm. When boundaries are being honored we are able to push back and stay stop to toxic energy we do not want invading our Spirit. The simple act of holding your hand out to gesture stop speaks volumes. It translates without words and is understood across the globe. It is symbolic of an energetically strong Pericardium, honoring your boundaries, protecting yourself, and loving yourself. As an exercise, the next time you find yourself being pulled to do something you know is toxic, think to yourself, is this worthy of having a conversation with my Spirit? Going one step further, the next time you tell someone no, simply say no, with no explanation. A firm no is an excellent exercise for strengthening your Pericardium energy.  Release the anxiety, the stress, and the worry. Stop wasting your precious time doing things you don’t want to do, or being around people you don’t want to be around.  Honor your boundaries, protect your Heart, and see how much stronger your Spirit feels.