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The Atelier Experience

Who says acupuncture has to be serious?  At Acupuncture Atelier our priority is YOU!  We are here to help you feel your best, as quickly as possible.  Striving to make acupuncture approachable and accessible for everyone.  Acupuncture Atelier provides an alternative space for the unheard, dismiss, misunderstood, and the curious patient.

Through our specialized one-on-one approach, we take the time hear all of your concerns, as well as to understand how your body heals. Treatment protocols are all guided based on the patient’s signs, symptoms, and health history. Depending on what we feel is best for you, treatments may include any of the following Atelier services: Acupuncture, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua Sha, and Auricular Therapy.

Atelier Treatments

  • Acupuncture Treatment (45 Mins): $140

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Yes, We Accept Insurance!

Acupuncture Atelier is an out-of-network insurance provider. Not sure if your insurance covers acupuncture? No problem, we will verify your benefits for you!

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What Acupuncture Treats

Musculoskeletal Pain
Headaches + Migraines
Digestive Imbalances
Respiratory + Asthmatic Conditions
Sleep Issues + Insomnia
Skin Concerns
Immune + Seasonal Health

Anxiety + Depression
Emotional Well-Being + Stress
Fatigue + Burnout
PTSD + Trauma
Auto-Immune Disorders

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Fertility + Women’s Health

Trying to conceive? Whether you need help regulating your cycle or support during an exhaustive round of IVF, let us assist your journey into motherhood and beyond!

Trying to conceive naturally or thinking about it? Let us help regulate your cycle and help you hone in on your ovulation schedule. We will work with you, to get your body as healthy as we can in order for you to conceive naturally and journey into motherhood.

When it comes to IVF or IUI we see ourselves as your support team. We understand the mental, emotional, and physical toll of this process. We are here to help keep your nervous system calm, and support your Doctor’s specific Western approach in any way we can, in order to improve your chances of conception.

Pregnancy Support, Labor Induction, Breech Baby, Post-Partum Care, Lactation Support

Cycle Regulation, Hormone Imbalances, Menopause, Pelvic Pain, Endometriosis, Painful Sex, Trauma, Miscarriage Support, Ovarian Cysts, PCOS