Stimulates the central nervous system to encourage the body’s natural healing.


Regulate & nourish your body’s natural rhythm and support conception.

Trigger Point THerapy

Release tight myofascial muscle pain and tightness.


Encourages blood flow & circulation to promote healing and reduce pain.


Warms, nourishes and invigorates the body.  Soothing Aroma. 


Relieves tension, promotes circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage.

Insurance made easy 

Lets face it, dealing with health insurance companies sucks.

At Acupuncture Atelier, accessing your benefits couldn’t be easier.

Let us verify your benefits and provide you with a no nonsense out of pocket quote and the peace of mind that comes with our no surprise billing policy.

The Atelier Experience

What is an Atelier Treatment like?

Our priority is YOU!  Since we do not overlap patient appointments expect our undivided attention during each and every session.  Atelier sessions are unique and may include acupuncture, reiki, aromatherapy, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha or tuning forks.

How Long are Atelier Treatments?

All of our treatments are 45 minutes long and always include acupuncture, even for initial treatments.  Other practices may offer longer appointments as a way to justify higher fees, often leaving the room during treatment to provide treatment to other patients that are scheduled as often as every 15 minutes. The Atelier approach is patient centric, we do not overlap appointments, ensuring our full attention is always on you. Self care doesn’t need to monopolize your time!

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Not at all!  Acupuncture needles are as thin as a human hair.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Acupuncture Atelier does accept insurance and is an out of network provider.  Contact us to verify your benefits.

How Long Before I See Results?

Everyone and every treatment is different. We can never say for certain how many treatments it will take to receive results. However, we like for patients to receive at least some relief during the first session. Once we have a better idea of how your body heals, we will be able to estimate how many sessions may be on your treatment path. Our goal is not to keep you coming back, but to get you back to feeling your best as quickly as possible!


Why we specialize in fertility?
Fertility is personal, and anyone that tries to say its not is just full of it.  Its hard to understand the struggle without actually going through it yourself, yet so many health care practitioners that treat fertility come off as cold, disinterested, or even disingenuous.  Literally the exact opposite of what a Woman having issues getting pregnant needs.  Our approach to fertility draws from personal experience and the hundreds of women we have worked with over the last 6 years. I myself have struggled with miscarriages and a very challenging pregnancy / birth, I understand the struggle and the emotional toll on a personal level.  


What is The Atelier Approach?
Fertility is complicated and not everyone conceives the moment  they decide to get pregnant.  We are human and can’t assume our bodies react or respond in the same way as everyone else.  The female anatomy is intelligent, but the truth is we live in a masculine world.  Over time, women have lost connection to their womb. We silence our bodies through birth control, lose track of our natural cycles, and often have no idea when, or if, we’re ovulating. Is it any surprise so many of us have trouble conceiving?


What is Conception Support?

When it comes to ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology), our treatments play an integral supporting role.  Keep your nervous system calm, regulate your hormones, and support your emotions.

Do You Treat IVF Patients?
Yes we do!  We understand the scheduling challenges and conflicts that come with ART procedures.  Just let your practitioner know the estimated timing of your retrieval and transfer so that we can accommodate your schedule as best we can.  
Can Acupuncture Help Post Partum?

At Acupuncture Atelier MOM is our priority.  Pre and post natal care is what we do best!  While everyone is focused on baby, we provide a space and time to focus on YOU!  Now close your eyes mama, you need a rest!

Preparing for your Treatment

Why do i need to complete intake docs prior to my first session?

Completing documents prior to your session allows for more treatment time!  Your time is valuable and we get it.

What Should I Wear?

Whatever you want!  We suggest keeping it casual and comfy.

Whats Your Cancellation Policy?

Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice prior to your appointment will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.  We appreciate your understanding.

Should i expect any side effects?

Most patients leave feeling very relaxed and sleep like a baby the first night.  If you come in for trigger point acupuncture, then you should expect to feel sore.  Lactic acid is released during trigger point sessions, no different than what happens after a vigorous workout.  Stay hydrated and rest up.

Billing & Insurance

Does Acupuncture Atelier accept insurance?

 Yes, Acupuncture Atelier is an out-of-network insurance provider.  Let’s face it, dealing with health insurance companies is a bummer! At Acupuncture Atelier, accessing your benefits couldn’t be easier. Let us verify your benefits and provide you with a no nonsense out-of-pocket quote, and the peace of mind that comes with our no balance billing policy.  

How do i know if my insurance plan covers acupuncture?

If you’d like us to verify your benefits, complete an insurance verification request and we will be back to you within 24 hours with a summary of your benefits and out-of-pocket expenses.  If you plan to use your insurance benefits, patients must verify benefits at least 24 hours prior to their first session.  Unfortunately we are unable to bill insurance for patients that have not verified their benefits prior to their appointment.

If my insurance plan rejects my claim, will i need to pay myself?

Thats what are no surprise policy is for!  We verify benefits for each and every one of our patients prior to their first appointment, and provide a no nonsense out-of-pocket quote, detailing all out of pocket costs BEFORE your treatment.  If we tell you that your coinsurance payment is $40 per session after verifying coverage with your insurance company, then $40 is what you owe.  If your insurance company makes a mistake and gives us the wrong information, that’s not your fault.  Insurance is complicated and its our job to ensure our patients can access their hard earned benefits.

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