Ever feel as though something is just “off” — but you can’t figure out what it is? There is nothing physically wrong, and on paper you are perfectly healthy. You can’t quite pinpoint what it is, but you are certain there is something just not right. You are not crazy, the “something off” feeling is likely due to an energetic blockage or imbalance in your body. It is actually quite common and can be treated. Today we’re sharing about the Chakra System, which is the best way to understand how energy flows within the body.

Our universe is made up of energetic vibrations, so it shouldn’t be hard to believe that our bodies are also made of a similar energy. The Chakra System is the A Chakra {sanskrit for wheel} is a circle near the center of the body where energy swirls, gathers and collects. There are 7 Chakras within the Chakra System; Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra. The Chakras start at the base of the tailbone (Root Chakra} and run up the center of the body all the way to the {Crown Chakra} area located just above the head. Each of the Chakras have different physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics that make up who we are. Whether you are consciously aware of their presence or not, when Chakras are energetically flowing freely as they should, your body, mind and spirit will function {and heal} at it’s highest potential.

Heart Chakra
In honor of National Hearth Month, it seemed appropriate to bring some awareness to the Heart Chakra; how imbalances might manifest and even how you can heal them. Appropriately located at the heart center, the Fourth Chakra is the Chakra of love, compassion, and some even say the window into your soul. A balanced Heart Chakra permits the ability to fall in love; the ability to unconditionally give your true self to another and trust that your heart is safe with them. When imbalanced some may lose the ability to trust another, lose compassion {inhumanity} or passion for oneself and others, or possibly even disconnecting entirely from the universe {depression and anxiety}. Physically, a Heart Chakra imbalance may manifest as an immune system or lung deficiency {asthma, allergies, cough, bronchitis}, heart health imbalances {palpitations, murmurs, panic attacks}, or even more serious conditions such as lung cancer, breast cancer, heart failure and/or heart attacks.

There are endless reasons why one’s Chakra may become blocked or imbalanced. However, the main culprits are tied to our daily stressors; work, relationships, diet, and exercising {or lack thereof}. Of course, genetics and the overall health constitution that you are born with may also play a key component to your Chakra health. As an example, think about a time your trust was violated, or a time when you were so scared that you can feel your heart beating in your chest. It is very likely the energetic flow of your Heart Chakra was changed or even blocked by this moment. The energetic shift is what makes these types of situations so difficult to move past and heal from. Once the energy flow is restored, your mind, body and spirit are able to heal. In my acupuncture practice, I have even found correlation between Heart Chakra imbalances and fertility complications. The ability to trust that the universe will assist in the miracle of a baby, as well as the passion of moving into parenthood, are powerful emotions that sometimes can throw the Chakra’s energy off balance.

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Stay Warm, Healthy & Zen!