With Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day happening this weekend, it’s the perfect time to write a special blog post about connecting with your Inner Goddess — that voice inside of every beautiful woman, the voice telling her who she is, what she needs, and what she wants. My mother would refer to it as “woman’s intuition,” and Shakira refers to it as her “she wolf — but no matter what you nickname her, it’s your Inner Goddess.

Having trouble with the concept? Think about your female friends/co-workers/acquaintances, there’s always that one…there’s just something about her. She walks calmly, she seems to be smiling from her cheeks, she looks deep into the eyes of the person she speaks to, she knows who she is, and no matter what the situation, she always looks radiant…damn her! Yes, we can all sit back and think of that person in our lives who is just plain sexy at all times. That sexy confidence is the connection to the Goddess energy within.

Want to find your sexy confidence? Head to Hoboken Girl Blog to read this entire post! xoxo

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