Wednesday, September 23rd marks the first day of autumn, or as I like to think, the first day of the metal season. In Chinese Medicine, each of the five seasons are represented or embodied by one of the five elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Autumn is the season of the metal element, and so the way I think of metal relating to autumn is through the harvest.

Autumn Season

People with metal personalities are the doers, they are the people in our lives who get things done. Looking to hire a new assistant or project manager? Hiring a metal personality will be the best decision you could make! Metal personalities like to make lists, and above all, they love to cross things off of their lists as a sign of completion. It may be a strong assumption, but I believe many families and/or relationships would collapse without the reliable structure metal personalities provide. The organ related to metal element is the lung {it is important to note, in Chinese Medicine when I say the lungs, I am not necessarily referring to the health of the organ, as much as to the energetic function of the organ}, and since the lungs sit on top of the body, they are easily susceptible to illness or disease.

5 Elements

During autumn, the lungs are at their peak energy. Many people thrive during this season, wanting nothing more than to constantly be outside with the changing leaves. Whereas the other half, are suffering with seasonal allergies and annual sinus infections. If you have visited my acupuncture practice in uptown Hoboken, then chances are you’ll know the health of the lungs goes all the way back to birth. In fact, it is often found that patients who had some sort of trauma surrounding their birth are more susceptible to seasonal and/or food allergies.

Now understanding that we are entering the metal season, it is important to nourish and protect your delicate lungs! If you are easily run down during this season, or want simply want to improve your lung health, check out the full length “Sara Says” post on Hoboken Girl!

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Stay Healthy, Warm and Zen!