The holidays have come and gone, but many of us are still feeling sluggish from all of the holiday sweets and beverages…no judgment. Adding the following suggestions to your daily routine is an easy way to get back on track, and also an easy way to keep your liver healthy every day {especially if you feverishly read our Hoboken Happy Hours posts on the reg}!

Lemon Water Sara Says Detox

In Chinese Medicine, the Liver is referred to as “The General.” So, like the army, The General is the point of command that keeps everything in check, keeps things moving if you will. When the Liver energy is off balance due to diet, stress, or daily habits, it is hard for the body to stay in check. When trying to evaluate a liver imbalance through acupuncture, we ask about digestion {including bowel movement habits}, level of irritability, repetitive or long standing headaches, lack of focus / clarity / drive, frequent sighing or yawning, horrible PMS {female patients only of course}, or any discomfort / pain in the area above the belly button. Sound familiar? Check out the latest “Sara Says” blog on Hoboken Girl for tips on how to detox your Liver daily!