We are dominated by a goal oriented and evidenced based society. When it comes to health and medicine, the general population tend to turn to scientific facts for solutions. Answers are found by blood-work, urinalysis, and other laboratory studies. But what happens when everything comes back normal? What happens when there is no scientific based evidence as to why you and your partner have not been able to conceive? Is it possible that your mind is getting in the way of conception? Perhaps it is time to consider your mind and body as a whole.

Being a goal oriented society, when it comes to fertility, the way we go about conception is really no different then how we manage deadlines at our jobs. We do the research, do the “work”, and set timelines. You have done all the laboratory tests, you haven’t had a glass of wine in 10 months, you are having sex whenever you see the “smiley face” but sadly, no luck. It is an unfortunate common story with perplexing frustrations. You have lived your entire life by thinking and then doing. When this method fails, the emotions that follow are overwhelming and baffling. Unfortunately, miracles don’t come from goal oriented energy and that is exactly what conceiving a baby is, a miracle.

What seems to be the common pattern, is the mind being favored over the body. Thoughts about pregnancy, sex, and conception are incessant. Many women have the inability to think of anything else. Once a patient says they are scheduling their lives around their ovulation schedule, and that the process has become exhausting, I know The Yi has become imbalanced.

You are probably thinking, what the F is The Yi? The Yi is the Spirit of the Earth Element {Chinese Medicine}. The Yi is the intellect and a pensive energy. The Earth Element also relates to the transformation into motherhood {Mother Earth}. During the conception process, The Yi is in constant need of acupuncture support. Fertility is not just about conception, it is far more complex than that. Over stimulation of The Yi can lead to obsessive irrational thinking. Obsessive thought diminishes the beauty of conceiving a child between two people. Obsessive thought brings us back to the state of our goal oriented habits, which is primarily stimulated by the left side of our brain. Conceiving a child is no longer about the connection between you and your partner. It is no longer about the transformation into motherhood. It is instead a deadline that you have to meet. The Yi can no longer do it’s purpose, which is to gracefully dance a woman into motherhood. Instead, The Yi has become a one-sided machine trying to control a miracle.

There are ways to bring The Yi to balance. For example, since the left brain is being overstimulated, try dipping more into right brained creative thought. This means channelling your sultry {feminine}, intuitive, and creative side. Get in touch with how you feel, not what you think. Conceiving a child isn’t logical; a tiny spine, a tiny heart, and a tiny face grow inside your womb. How crazy is that? Quiet your mind and try to focus on how your body feels. Where are you holding tension? Where do you feel you need some love and care? Stop being so hard on yourself and instead nourish your soul. The transformation into motherhood is complicated and challenging. Instead of setting goals, try to keep it about the connection between you and your partner. Keep the emotions raw and real. Stay in your body and stay present. Slow movements like yoga, pilates and dance are excellent ways to stimulate your right brain. Slow down, close your eyes, and feel your body move. Feel all the emotions and allow yourself to release them without judgement. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember some miracles just take a little longer than others.