When it comes to essential oils it is safe to say I have a bit of a collection. I personally use them daily and also find them to be extremely therapeutic in my clinical practice. In addition to acupuncture and Reiki, I use essential oils during each and every acupuncture healing session. All oils have their own healing properties and can be used for a variety of ailments. For instance, many are very effective for calming the nervous system and nurturing the Spirit.  

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Patients often ask me to recommend an oil for their daily use. My response is to always let their own bodies decide. Unless there is a very specific ailment they are seeking assistance with, there is no better source to select an essential oil than your own body. Go to a place with stocked oils and smell them. Find the scent that sparks your Spirit, your senses will know once it has been found. What are you drawn to? What’s smells the best to you? There is a reason why certain oils smell better to you than others. Just like there is a reason why certain oils turn your noise up. Our bodies are extremely intelligent, so go to the source and let it guide you.

Once your body has selected what suits, it is then very important to make sure you purchase an essential oil that is made with pure plant elements. Do your research, make sure the plants and the processing of the oils are not being altered or negatively exposed in any way. Are they sourced directly from artisan growers and are certified organic? Even learn about how the oils are being extracted in order to ensure they are fully bioactive, which is where the plants healing properties come from. If this information is not available, chances are the oils do not contain the healing properties you are looking for. Sometime spending a little extra is worth it and when it comes to essential oils this statement holds value. High quality organic essential oils will last a long time, a little goes and long way. Your body, mind and Spirit will thank you!