Can’t Poop?

September 12, 2018

Everyone poops!  A true statement, sort of.  For many, pooping is the source of much stress and discomfort. The thought of a daily bowel movement is inconceivable. When it comes to Traditional Chinese Medicine {TCM} there are many diagnosis’s for chronic constipation. The regular offenders like Liver Qi Stagnation, Dampness, and Heat are typical. However, when the typical offenders are addressed and pooping still doesn’t happen, it’s time to think outside the box and consider the emotions. What are you holding onto? Why can you {literally} not let shit go?

The digestive system is a direct manifestation of how you digest life. How do you process life? Are you able to move through each experience with ease? Do you live in the moment and not in the past? I often find those who struggle with chronic constipation can’t proceed through the final phase…they can’t let go. 

When it comes to TCM, each organ has it’s own energetic property or function. The Large Intestine being the final phase {or back door} of the digestive system. It’s function is to let go. Makes all too much sense right? 

Let’s consider how experiences might be processed. Starting with being present and consuming the moment. Enjoying the process of the task or event at hand. Learning lessons, filtering emotions and creating memories, until finally it is time to move onto the next, taking away only the memories created. I now invite you to consider how each of these steps correlates to the digestive system. Food is consumed and enters the stomach. It then enters the filtering process through the liver, gallbladder, and spleen. Once filtered, substance is then determined as either fuel or waste. If the substance is no longer needed, it is released. The body then either uses or stores what it needs and the process is complete. Mind blowing right?!

If you struggle with constipation, consider how you are digesting life. How do you proceed from moment to moment? Do you find yourself living in the past? What’s holding you back from moving forward to the next experience? I promise if you let go, your memories will still be there. By not moving forward, you hold onto what you do not need and weigh yourself down. Like many imbalances, sometimes all you need is a little trust. You have to trust that your body has the ability to hold onto what it needs and release what it does not. Next time you find yourself struggling for a decent bowel movement, try thinking about what you are holding onto. Perhaps it is time to move forward onto the next experience and let that shit go!

Stay Warm, Healthy & Zen!