In honor of Veteran’s Day, on Wednesday, November 11th, Acupuncture Atelier is offering $20.00 NADA Protocol treatments to Veterans and all current services officers in the Hoboken area. If you are a Veteran or a current service officer (yes, police officers and fire fighters too!!!), and you are interested in receiving a little extra care, please contact Acupuncture Atelier today to schedule an appointment.

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Sessions are available by appointment only and are limited to Wednesday, November 11th only.

What is NADA?

The NADA protocol began it’s development in 1974 at the South Bronx’s Lincoln Recovery Center. After 10 years of development, the protocol now consists of five acupuncture points located in each ear. Since it’s development, NADA has been successfully used for the treatment of behavioral health, including but never limited to addictions, mental health, disaster and emotional trauma. Originally when developed in the South Bronx, the NADA protocol was administered in a group support setting. The protocol was used in adjunct with other comprehensive treatment programs in clinic settings. This still remains true today, you can find NADA being practiced at addiction treatment programs, mental health facilities, active-duty military and veterans healthcare programs, harm reduction projects, homeless shelters, jails, prisons, and also halfway houses.

In addition to NADA’s original use, it is also widely used today to treat anxiety, stress, insomnia, the reduction of cravings, pharmaceutical dependency, the aid of trauma, as well as for cancer care and chemo side effects. At my practice in Uptown Hoboken, I often use NADA for severe stress and anxiety. My patients find it instantly relaxing, and always feel better after sitting with the needles in their ears for only 30 minutes.
Acupuncture Atelier thanks all service officers for dedicating their lives to help others. We appreciate all that you do!

Stay Healthy, Warm & Zen!

If you or someone you know may benefit from this offer contact Acupuncture Atelier today to schedule an appointment! | (978) 761-6676